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Our Story

THYME and Play is an organization born from personal trials and a fervent desire to foster change.

Eva and Henry Vega are proud disabled veterans of the US NAVY. After completing their service and returning home from their station in Japan, they embarked on the path of parenthood with a 2-year-old son who was later diagnosed with Autism. This unexpected diagnosis reshaped their perspective and mission in life.

As they navigated the intricacies of understanding and accepting their son's diagnosis, Eva and Henry faced numerous challenges when venturing out as a family. The lack of necessary accommodations and the prevailing lack of awareness often made outings an uphill battle. Heartbreakingly, they encountered instances where they were unwelcome in public spaces, compelling them to leave instead of enjoying a simple outing. Amidst frustration and a sense of exclusion, Eva and Henry's resilience shone through. Their determination solidified on a pivotal day when, on their son's birthday, they were  asked to leave a restaurant,—a heartrending experience that crystallized the need for change, not just for themselves, but for countless other families too. Thus, a shared purpose emerged: They needed to create a world where neurodiversity thrives, and every family, regardless of their circumstances, feels embraced and valued.

Fueled by a desire to foster genuine inclusion, Eva and Henry made the resolute decision to establish THYME and Play. They recognized that the need for transformation extended beyond their own family and resonated with countless others in similar situations. Their goal became clear: to collaborate with organizations and encourage them to embrace and support neurodiverse families. Through their firsthand understanding of the challenges, Eva and Henry embarked on a mission to bridge the gap and ensure that no family felt isolated or excluded due to circumstances beyond their control. Their commitment to creating a world where everyone could thrive and belong became the driving force behind THYME and Play's inception.

In 2023, the Vega family's story continues to unfold. Now they navigate the spectrum of Autism with both of their kids Level 3 and Level 1, Eva and Henry has since expanded their mission. Nestled in the upstate region, THYME and Play continues to champions inclusivity, weaving a tapestry of welcoming spaces where families like theirs can thrive. Through tireless dedication, they've cultivated an environment where the laughter of children and the warmth of community harmonize, fostering a world where differences are celebrated and barriers crumble. 

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