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Frequently asked Questions and Answers

What do you actually do?


We like to create fun events that the entire family or support system can enjoy with the individual that has a disability or different ability. 

This can range from play dates, to meetups, to parties, to community events. 


Personal Chef

How is THYME and play unique? 


The biggest thing that separates us is the fact that THYME and play tailors each event and experience around a theme that encourages social interaction between families and individuals. In addition to community interaction, food allergies, dietary preferences, abilities, and/or sensory sensitivity is taken into consideration when we prepare for an event. It truly is unique every time since it's coordinated based on the needs of the individuals in attendance. 

Monitored Play Events

Hosted by local therapists, this area is designed to encourage learning, increase social interaction, and provide accurate space to sensory seek. But above all else it is meant for fun. 

Can you please describe the set up for the "Date Night" meals?  


The setup for the main meal is as follows: The chef will create a pre-fixed menu based on the nights theme and local ingredients received that week by our farmers. The meal will consist of 3-4 courses and non-alcoholic beverages are included, except wine and beer. We do not sell beer or wine, but depending on the event we will offer a corkage fee to those who want to bring their own drinks. 


The night typically starts with appetizers in a small social space then for dinner it transfers to a dining area. Dinners are accommodated when we have a dietary restriction or preference, so it is important to remember to fill out the event registration form.


For example: The meal for the Fresh Start night will feature the following proteins: Shrimp and Chicken. The produce is mostly bought from the farmers markets and local suppliers based on what is freshest and readily available. I have attached a sample menu below menu below, however, menu items are subject to change based on availability.


For the kids: They are able to dine with you or dine in the play area. This is your choice. If your child has a specific preference like mine does… lol (He only eats. Mace and cheese and grilled cheese) Then we like to know that so we can make sure it is on the menu for him/her, just in case he doesn’t like the featured items. 


The meal is typically only 2.5 hours long from start to finish. No wait lines, and no one coming in after you. 

Do the kids stay with us, or are they meant to be in another room? 


Your children can sit with you at the table if they want to or if you want them to. We also have a sensory room with tables and chairs that they can eat in and pay in. This location can be seen straight from the dining room and two therapists and an therapist assistant will be in there hosting activities and playing games with them. The staff in the play area can also assist with feedings and motor skill development when necessary. 


What happens if there is a meltdown? 


Meltdowns happen. My son will also be there and he has ASD. It is likely that he can have a meltdown. We will have different areas available in the sensory room to help with offsetting these meltdowns but if for some reason a meltdown occurs and you need a safe place to just sit in for a while we have a space that you can go to with your child or the adult having the meltdown and your meal can be brought in there. You do not have to leave your seat or dinner table if you do not want to. The people that are coming should have some experience with different abilities. But we always provide this as an option. If there is seating preferences like back against wall, noise reduction. We can accommodate these requests. Any other specific requests if you let us know ahead of time that would be helpful. WE try our best to make this the space you need it to be in order to get out of the house and have a good time. When possible we lower the lighting of the event as well. Since this is a new space for us, we are still learning what we can and can’t do. We will be setting up the area for a test run this coming week so I should have more information if any of the above changes.

Can I gift an experience for someone else?

Yes you can! To find out more about this option or to book an experience for someone else, please contact Eva Vega at​ and write in the subject line Pay it Forward.

How do I pay? 

Payments are taken when a reservation is made through our online registration on our event page.

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