We Need Your Help!

Although we are able to rent a truck in 2021, our goal is to buy a sensory truck of our own. Having a truck that belongs to Thyme and play’s allows us the opportunity to support more local events in the upstate! We own all of the equipment. We need the vehicle to be mobile.

Volunteers Cleaning


Our job at THYME and play is to make community access a little easier for the families we support. We can't do that without You! Volunteer your time online or in person by helping our social media team, being available for events or by assisting virtually with content creation, administrative duties or by helping our fundraising team!

When Covid 19 hit we had to make some major adjustments, one of the biggest was shutting down our date nights. Our goal for 2021/2022 is to purchase a THYME AND PLAY Sensory Bus and get back out in the community. We have all the equipment we need except for the bus.

We can work with your organization to embrace different. If you have an idea for  an event and you want to collaborate Click here