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The Napa Valley Event

November 29, 2016

 Madorom Vineyards in Napa Valley, California. 



The holiday season is finally here, and we are super excited!  I have had to take a break from blogging lately due to the fact that THYME and play has had some awesome opportunities arise that we needed to prepare for.  One of which was our recent Napa Valley event.   


On November 19th we helped cater our very first fundraiser!  Warrior Rising, a national non-profit organization that helps disabled and OIF/OEF veterans start businesses, offered us this opportunity.  We humbly accepted and they flew us out to the beautiful Madorom Vineyards in Napa Valley, California.  The fundraiser was hosted by Marissa and Andy Amadore, the owners of Madorom Vineyards, and had a guest list full of successful business owners, congressmen, and investors. 


All in all we believe the event to be a success! We enthusiastically shared our vision for THYME and Play with everyone and brought awareness to a need for inclusivity in the hospitality industry.  We also gained much needed advice, mentorship, and donations from people who have skin in the game. 


Everything in life takes time, and one thing that I have learned from having a 6 year old with Autism is that some of the most challenging and labor intensive times we've had with him helped breed our most successful moments in his development. The same rings true with our business. This restaurant will take off and succeed. Even when it seems like the struggle is too big or the vision is too far off, we keep moving forward because in the end THYME and Play will be a success! 


In closing I would just like to thank all the subscribers to THYME and play. It is because of readers like you, who believe this business is important, that we keep going! Thank you for continuing to motivate us! 


Happy Holidays, 

Eva Vega 

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