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A Strange Halloween For The Whole Family

October 29, 2018



LOVE Stranger Things!  You have these four friends: Mike, Will, Lucas, and Dustin.  Their friendship takes you back to the good old days of childhood and imagination in the 1980s.  Add to this formula older brothers, older and younger sisters, parents, bullies, inter-dimensional monsters, and you have a day in the life of this magical show.  Then of course you have the character "Eleven,” a mysterious and damaged young girl who befriends these four friends and becomes both their protector and their damsel in distress.  It is such a cool show and perfect for this time of year! 


Check out the trailer for season 1 below



I consider this a family show you can watch with your kids!  It can be a little scary at times (You may want to check out a few episodes before allowing your kids to watch) but more suspense than horror.  You have different family dynamics that open up conversations such as “what family do you think we are most like?”  You also have kids that are seen as different, strange, geeky, troubled, and some totally can be considered “at risk”, yet this formula results in moments that are action packed, thrilling, and even endearing.  It can be cheesy at times but in all the right ways. 


Just order some pizza, turn down the lights, microwave some pop corn and get ready for a great ride.   With two seasons on Netflix and third one on the way, this can become an exciting new bing watch fest the whole family can enjoy!  Let us know what you thought about the show in the comments below!   


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Honor Courage and Autism: The Top 5 lessons we learned in the Navy that helped us with an Autism Diagnosis

August 30, 2017

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