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Talking to Thyme and Play's Executive Director on What's Coming Up

August 29, 2019

Hi everyone! 


Its been a while since our last post so we decided today is the day to get back into blogging! And what better way to do that than to talk about our upcoming event!  We are so excited about it, Thyme and Play would like to share with everyone why this event is so important to us. With that being said we decided to pick the brain of our very own Executive Director, Eva Vega.  


Every day focused on her mission, one meeting to the next, running errands and networking; The life of Eva Vega is non-stop, on the go, dates, appointments, and to- go coffee breaks to get through the ups, downs, and run arounds of managing your own company. Every day brings in another challenge in getting the feet of  Thyme and play off the ground. But she's up for those challenges and with a vision to navigate her and the dedicated team to back her, Eva Vega has cooked up an exciting event called Honor Courage and Cuisine.

Here are the questions we asked Eva to really get into the cogs and gears of this event. 


Here we go!


T&P Blogger:

“What exactly is the purpose of the event and what do you hope to gain from this?


Eva Vega, Executive Director:

“The purpose of this event is to raise capacity building funds.  Our reach is growing and we are wanting to do more in our community.  The funds generated, will allow us to do so.”


T&P Blogger:

“The event name Honor, Courage, and Cuisine, almost has a 'call to arms' appeal, very military-esque. We know one of the target points in what you do is to help Veterans. How does helping Veterans connect with Thyme and Play and why are Veterans so important to you?”


Eva Vega, Executive Director:

“So, veterans will always be a huge part of what we do.  Henry and I are veterans ourselves and we want to create a community that transitioning or already transitioned veterans can come to, to connect and engage more personally with their community.  We want to make it a safe and understanding environment. A reminder that no one is alone or out cast which in tern can lead to a better quality living.”


T&P Blogger: 

“Let us talk Nate Boyer. He's got a lot of cred on Social Media. I had to look further into this and I was pretty impressed with what I saw.  We understand he is going to be a speaker at this event. How did you come to discover Nate Boyer and what about him made him the right fit to speak at Honor Courage and Cuisine?”


Eva Vega, Director:

“Henry and I met Nate at a Veteran Fundraiser a few times for Warrior Rising.  We really wanted to hear his story and found out not only was he military and a professional football player but he had a story about one of his buddies and their child with Autism.  He kind of started working with kids on the spectrum after that point. It was like he just understood our mission. A Vet, a professional, an advocate. He gets what we do and he has the hospitality mindset of always serving.  He was such a good guy. We just had to bring him to Greenville.”  


T&P Blogger:

“What exactly will he be speaking on? And who do you hope to reach through this event?”


Eva Vega, Executive Director:

“We are hoping to reach, families, individuals, and caregivers living with different abilities. We would also like for the community to join us and be apart of our mission. We celebrate differences and true inclusion. We can't do that without partner organizations and without the community. We want to be apart of this social inclusion movement, that's our passion. I would love to hear Nate talk about his story as a Green Beret, his time in the NFL and his ideas about disability inclusion, acceptance, and awareness. But if you really want to know what he is going to say. Just join us on September 14th.”



And so we shall! What is Thyme and Play's motto?  To Rediscover Hospitality! And that is exactly what they are doing.  Too many times families of different abilities and veterans alike have been disappointed with the accommodation most businesses and restaurants tend to lack.  Eva and her husband, Henry Vega, along with Thyme and Play staff are striving to change that by creating an environment that raises awareness and starts an inclusion revolution. Travelers Rest Art Crawl, Easter Extravaganza, and now Honor Courage and Cuisine are paving the way to do just that. Come and join us! Relax and Dine as we rediscover hospitality together! 


Until next time! 


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