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Our Volunteers






We are looking for Speech, Occupational, Physical, ABA therapists, Early Interventionists and any individual willing to share some of their time with our attendees. Your mission if you so choose will be to help coordinate activities, provide assistance, and offer fun, outside of the box entertainment to our families.


Our volunteers have to be comfortable with very different abilities, health issues, impairments, and physical disabilities. These individuals can be of any background or profession. However, they must be willing to have fun, be mindful, and do all that you can create events that make our guests encouraged to build new relationships and create happy and encouraging memories. 


Each volunteer will have to submit/undergo a background check. These events are not drop off events and parents or caregivers will have to be in attendance. THYME and Play events are more of a break or respite opportunity, and are not a daycare so you will never be left on your own. For the adult guests needing assistance, a therapist will be assigned to them at the start of the event. Sensory Volunteers are the true representation of what THYME and Play is.


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Do you have a heart for serving? THYME and Play is in need of help in the kitchen for prep, setup, breakdown, and clean up during our dinner "occasion" events.


Our FOH volunteers have the duty of creating and setting the atmosphere for our guests by being the face of who we are. You are not only delivering meals, speaking with and encouraging guests, and anticipating the needs of the individuals in attendance, but you are at the forefront of what hospitality is and should be. With your help, the families and adults with disabilities who join us are given a new opportunity to understand what it means to be truly celebrated. 


The BOH crew for THYME and Play works to get stuff done and is directly working with our chef. They everything from event food prep to cooking onsite, and doing live food demonstrations. You are the worker bees behind the line ensuring food comes out on time, fresh and delicious. Without you, our events would be dull and uninteresting. You make everything delicious and are the reason people want to try us out. Even though you will be getting training under a 15-year chef who has cooked for thousands of people, the best thing about you is that you do this because you care. 




Are you a creative person who enjoys sharing your gift with the world. Whether you have a professional background in design and illustration or just create art as a hobby, we are looking for people to help us get the word out about THYME and Play.


Marketing and Design volunteers will work with our marketing director on a team to create original images, videos, and other material to share our vision and the THYME and Play brand to the masses.       


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